Green Search Partner is focused on helping companies that are working to help the world. Finding talented, qualified, and well-rounded professionals is a considerable task. Many companies don’t have the luxury of hiring a retained recruiter to focus on bringing the best candidates to the table. Green Search Partner is a contingency search firm offering retained-quality services. Whether you are in need of one solid Financial Analyst, or want to bring on an entire team of Engineers, Green Search Partner will bring the highest caliber and most qualified professionals to your door.

We prequalify each candidate thoroughly to calculate their fit with a particular role, within the overall team, and as part of your unique corporate culture. Calibration points include many factors such as educational background, technical skills, industry experience, and critical interpersonal skills that make them dynamic and highly desirable candidates. Our network of professionals is extensive and our relationships within this structure allow for tremendous continual success from personal referrals, this is one of the ways we bring only the best and brightest people to you.

Green Search Partner is active and involved in the industries we serve, it’s our competitive edge. We participate in placement industry associations like MAPS and Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) training programs. Green Search Partner regularly contributes to meetings and events for the International Executive Resources Group, and is a co-founder of the H2O Boston Water & Energy Technology MeetUp. In our hyper-competitive and dynamic practice areas the only way to “Finding Impossible-to-Find Talent” is through plugging into the people power of our network. This is where Green Search Partner delivers.

We have successfully completed searches for C-level Executives, Management, and Staff-level professionals in the following areas:

o  Accounting/Finance
o  Sales
o  Marketing
o  Engineering
o  Operations
o  Human Resources
o  Office Administration

Green Search Partner Search Process*

While establishing the search process for a client requires the same basic strategy and approach, elements of the process can be customized around the client’s specific needs.  The primary aspects of the process include:

Needs Assessment; core competencies, academic requirements, technical skills, range of years experience, career progression, cultural fit and additional needs specific to the client.

Position Summary; design/development of job specifications, technical capabilities, scope and level of position.

Candidate Questionnaire (optional); customized questions can be developed in the format of a candidate questionnaire.

Develop Target List:  A list of companies and/or individuals will be developed for the express purpose of recruiting or networking for relevant candidates

The Search; heavy front-loaded process with multi-level outreach activities, networking and meetings to generate interest and building a pipeline of highly qualified individuals.

Candidate Screening:  A first round of candidate resumes will be presented for the purposes of calibration.

Interview setup and preparation for 1st, rounds; Consultant will organize all aspects of the interview process.

Final Calibration:  Additional candidates will be presented as the first pool of candidates is brought through the interview process.

Candidate Selection; discussing merits, value-add and concerns of each successful candidate.

Compensation/Concerns Pre-Offer:  In order to maintain open communication on expectations, compensation is also discussed throughout the process with the candidate to avoid last minute “surprises”

Offer/Negotiation: The successful candidate has been identified, and will be advised of the client’s intention to offer.  Reference and/or background checks are completed, and an offer letter drafted for final approval by the hiring manager.

Close:  Offer is tendered and a decision date is given.  The consultant will continue to work with the candidate throughout the notice/severance process with their current employer until the candidate has transitioned over.

Integration:  The average time frame for a candidate to become fully integrated in a new organization is three months.

*This is an abbreviated version of The Search Process offered by Green Search Partner.  A more insightful and comprehensive step by step description is available for review.